Tri peaks solitaire

Tri peak is a version of a solitaire card game played with a standard 52-card deck, it is some of the easiest solitaire games that can be played and won in no time. It was invented in 1989 by Robert Houge and has gained more popularity over the years because of its different forms of play and the game is easy to navigate and win.

Tri peaks solitaire is a mixture of golf and pyramid solitaire which makes it easier and less complicated than other forms of solitaire card games.

It is a single-player solitaire card game played online or physically with game cards that can be bought in local markets or supermarkets.


The main aim or goal of tri-peaks solitaire is to move all cards from the stock and the tableau pile to the waste pile in ascending or descending order which depends on the original card being placed onto the waste. To play this game is easy but winning might be based on luck or how much the player understands the game.

We would share information and strategies needed to become a pro at this game below.

Game Set up

To start setting up the game get the cards ready, shuffle them and place them on a surface if it’s being played physically while playing online have already set up the game table.

The cards are arranged into three overlapping peaks on the tableau which are built in form of a pyramid, each peak has ten cards the top row has a card that is dealt face down, and the next row has two cards also dealt face down, the third row has three cards dealt facing card while the last row on each peak has four cards dealt face up. This fourth row connects the three peaks and makes the cards automatically available to play.

When the tableau is complete, the leftover cards are placed in the stockpile and they can be used at any time during the gameplay. An empty column is left for the waste pile which is placed right beside the stockpile under the tableau.


There are three piles in tri peaks solitaire card game, the three have to be put in place before the start of the game:

The Tableau Pile

This is where the three peaks are being arranged, the only cards that are available for play are the cards at the bottom of the peak. While playing the overlapped cards are being flipped gradually so they can be available for playing too.

The Stock Pile

The remaining cards after building the waste pile are placed here all facing down, they can be used when the player is tucked while playing the game or has no cards to move on the tableau.

The Waste Pile

The main goal of this game is to move all the cards from the tableau and stockpile to the waste in either lower or higher ranks and not put the color and suits into consideration as it’s being done in most solitaire card games. The waste is always empty from the start of the game.

How to Play Tri-Peaks Solitaire

This game is played with a 52-card deck.

The play goes like this, moving all the cards from the tableau and stockpile gradually into the waste pile. Any card from the bottom of the tableau can be placed first into the host, while choosing the original card to play, consider the ranks of the card on the bottom and go with the lowest or highest rank. This is because the waste can be built in higher or lower ranks in such a way that you can place either a 6 0r 4 card on a 5 card(6 is higher in rank while 4 is lower).

The game is easy to play if the rules are well followed and not rushed, the cards are moved to the waste in different colors and suits.

Rules of Tri Peaks solitaire

There are a few rules to follow while playing tri-peaks solitaire, they will be highlighted below.

  • Move the cards to the stockpile one after the other in higher or lower ranks.
  • Start exposing the face-down cards as soon as possible.
  • Study your tableau layout before starting the game.
  • Undo the game as many times as you want.
  • Try to empty all the peaks before moving the cards from the stockpile.
  • You can go through the stockpile once during the gameplay
  • Study your moves to avoid getting stuck while arranging the cards deck back to the waste
  • Only the face-up cards are available for play
  • You can restart the game or play a new one as many times as you can.

Winning Tri-Peaks Solitaire

Most solitaire games use one card deck and the gameplay is similar, tri peaks solitaire is one with slightly different settings and gameplay.

To win this game is easy if the player is calm and focused on his/her moves. Not all the games of tri-peaks solitaire can be won but players can have fun and also create a scoreboard during the gameplay. When all the cards have been moved to the wastepile successfully then the tri-peaks solitaire has been won, but when you become stuck on the peaks and have no cards to move, then you lose the game.

When you lose, you can start a fresh game or also try out other versions of solitaire card games which can be played for free online on some gaming websites.