Crescent Solitaire

A Crescent solitaire game is a version of a solitaire game played with two decks of 52 cards(104 cards). Crescent solitaire is easy to play and understand It

A solitaire game has various versions of classic card games and crescent is one of the easiest among them if you follow the rules of the game. It is slightly different because of its high number of piles and cards, also the reshuffling function which is not common in solitaire games. It is a single-player game that can be played by players of different age ranges.


The game is played with 104 cards that are arranged in a form of a crescent. The tableau is divided into sixteen piles with six cards in each pile and they are arranged on top of each other.

There are two foundation piles in crescent solitaire, they are to be left empty when setting up the game, one runs in ascending order while the other one runs in descending order. The two foundations are placed above each other.


The Tableau

There are sixteen piles in crescent solitaire with six cards in each pile, only one card can be moved from one pile to another during the gameplay.

The cards are arranged on top of each other and only the top cards are available for play. The cards are mixed and are to be moved to the foundations while playing the game.

The Foundation

There are two foundations in this game, this is not common among solitaire card games. There are four piles each in the foundations, each pile represents one suit of cards.

One of the foundation piles runs in descending order i.e from kings to aces, while the other one runs in descending order, i.e from aces to kings.

The foundations are placed above one another in the middle of the tableau that is built like a crescent.


The main objective of the crescent solitaire game is to move all cards from the tableau to the foundations and arrange them into piles of the same suit. This game has a reshuffling function that allows you to change the current cards to those behind them. This can be done when you wish, but the number of times you can reshuffle is limited to the level of the game you are playing.


In crescent solitaire, players follow some rules and moves that make the game easier and fun to play.

  • Move your kings and aces to the foundations as soon as you see them.
  • The empty tableau pile can not be filled.
  • Only top cards are available for play.
  • Move cards from one pile to another in the tableau.
  • You can only move cards from one pile to another on the tableau if the top card is of the same suit and it’s either lower or higher in rank than the card you are moving, for example; you can move a 6 diamond card on to a 5 diamond card or 7 diamond card.
  • Use the shuffle function if you are stuck while playing the game.
  • Move cards from the foundation back to the tableau if you need them.


You start the game by building the tableau and the foundation, after that you move the cards to the foundations and build them in the same suit in ascending and descending order. You can also move just a single card from one tableau pile to another.

Crescent solitaire is easy as you can change the play cards by reshuffling the game, you can also undo it as many times as possible.


Crescent solitaire can be won easily and can also be hard if you do not understand the rules of the game. the game. Try to focus on the main objective which is building your foundations from kings to aces and aces to the king.

When you have no cards to move again, then you have won the game, but if you become stuck and you have exhausted your reshuffle function then you have lost the game. You can undo or start a new game as many times as you wish.

You can play the game on various websites online and you can also play it physically with the cards.