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Spider Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire

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  • Well-organized settings – We have a clean and intuitive user interface that allows you to access your account preferences, change the language of our platform (we support multiple languages), and turn on or off certain features like ‘Hints’ and sound effects.

Solitaire. A brief history

The origin of Solitaire is a bit of a mystery. The traditional solitaire game is thought to have been created by a French soldier during the Napoleonic Wars, who wanted a distraction from his forced isolation. Other accounts credit an American naval officer with being the creator, while some attribute it to Benjamin Franklin, who wanted to occupy himself during winters in Paris as US Ambassador.

But one thing is for sure: Solitaire is one of the most popular games globally and is played by millions online who enjoy these free solitaire card games.

The Main Solitaire Variations

The following are the main variations of Solitaire:

Klondike Solitaire

Probably the first Solitaire game and the most prevalent version, where you build up to four foundations by suit from Ace to King. Klondike uses one or more decks of 52 playing cards.

This game is set up in ascending order, with alternating colors cards. The game starts with seven cards that are dealt three cards each, followed by four foundation piles that are dealt one card each. If you ever get stuck in the game, click on the stockpile to get the list of moves for discarding discards and redeals.


Another well-known variation, Pyramid, consists of several piles. You may build down by alternating colors and moving groups of cards if they’re in sequence from King to Ace.

The best thing about Pyramid is that you’re allowed to move any card or pile to another spot, as long as it shares a color with the Foundation and the topmost card in that pile.


Spider solitaire requires more skill than Classic Solitaire and thus is one of the most challenging variations of all. It involves building up to four columns by suit from

Also known as Carolus or Black Widow, Spider is one of the most popular single deck solitaire variations. It uses two decks shuffled together and involves moving groups of cards rather than a single card.

If you’re looking for a challenge, try Spider next time!


Another favorite, FreeCell, involves dealing all 52 cards into eight foundation piles. The first four deal cards are in ascending sequence, and the other deal cards alternate color and suit and go down in descending sequence.

One can win games by creating four stacks of cards from only a King to Ace out of the suit (i.e., for each suit). one can move cards between the foundation and tableau piles and transfer the top card of each pile to each another tableau or foundation pile.

FreeCell is our personal favorite. With 400 levels to choose from, we guarantee you’ll never get bored playing this game!


Golf Solitaire is played with a reduced deck and involves moving cards around the table in a certain number of moves. The goal is to eliminate all 52 cards from one through thirteen onto four foundations by Ace to King.


Yukon is a solitaire game where the player is dealt five face-down cards and four open foundations, with one foundation card is face up. The game’s goal is to move all of the cards to the foundations by suit (one can only place, i.e., each card on a card of the same suit). One can move only one card at a time. If you need to make multiple moves in one go, use the “Shift” key to hold cards before clicking on your destination card.

Solitaire Game Rules

The following are some of the solitaire card game rules that cut across the different solitaire game variations.

The Set-Up

Solitaire is played with one or more standard 52 card decks.

In the deck, there are four types of piles:

  • The Tableau is made up of 7 piles.
  • The second pile is the Foundations, which comprises 4 stacks of cards.
  • The third pile of cards is the Stock Pile, from which the player must move cards onto the Tableau for play.
  • The Talon contains three remaining cards form the Stock.

The Goal of Solitare Games

To win Solitaire is the ultimate goal, and as noted above, the goal of Solitaire is to place all 52 cards into four piles on the foundations, each bundle consisting of 13 cards in ascending sequence.

The game starts with seven tableau piles that are dealt three cards each, followed by four foundation piles that are dealt one card each.

The following moves are allowed.

  • Move the cards from Stock to waste pile – This move allows you to move 1 or 3 cards onto waste. You can change this number on Solitaire Lodge options.
  • Move a single card from waste to a Foundation – The move is only allowed when one can move only the top card to the Foundations.
  • Move a card from waste to a Tableau – One can move the top card in this move.
  • Move or flip a card from the Foundation to the Tableau – The player can move the card to the top of any Tableau pile.
  • Move several cards from a Tableau to another one – This is an exciting move players enjoy when they get stuck in a difficult position.
  • Move a card from the Tableau onto the Foundations – If you need to clear space, this move will allow you to drag cards onto the Foundation manually.

Benefits of Playing Solitaire

The following are some benefits of playing Solitaire.

1. They are perfect for a quick 5-minute break.

One can get started anywhere during coffee breaks, even from the workplace.

Compared to other forms of entertainment, Solitaire is one of the cheapest options available to you despite its effectiveness in relieving stress and anxiety.

2. Helps one to develop concentration.

Playing Solitaire forces you to focus on the game at hand.

It also provides an opportunity to relax your mind after a tiring day at work, school, or any other activity associated with increased pressure and stress levels. While taking breaks, Solitaire can come in handy during quick lunch breaks, coffee breaks, or even during commutes.

3. You can play from anywhere.

Solitaire enables you to keep your brain active and helps it remain flexible as it ages. It provides a sense of renewed energy and vigor whenever you need it most.

Our website allows players to play from anywhere in the world.

With its intuitive controls, it offers a fun and exciting way to pass your time while exercising your brain cells simultaneously.

4. Playing helps improve one’s memory

When you play Solitaire, you have to keep track of the cards that have been laid out. The more you play, the better your memory of remembering where a certain card may be without going through the entire deck.

5. It’s free to play

The most important aspect of Solitaire is that it is a free game.

You can play as many as you want without paying any fee, unlike other forms of entertainment such as watching movies which can sometimes be very expensive.

Websites such as Solitaire Lodge have a collection of Solitaire variations you can play online for free. You can enjoy these games whenever and wherever!

6. It’s entertaining

Another thing that makes Solitaire so interesting is that you get to say in which cards you would like to move. This adds an element of excitement and keeps your brain active while playing. As long as the rules are followed, one can create a unique sequence of moves each time.

7. Teaches one important life lessons

Games like Klondike teach valuable lessons about patience and the fact that the more you wait for something, the sweeter it gets.

The patience and concentration required while playing Solitaire help improve memory and patience and build better decision-making skills.

8. It stimulates the brain

Some Solitaire variations require you to think carefully about where each card is placed to achieve the game’s goals. Some versions could even demand you solve puzzles related to math or logic, which require extensive brain activity.

Playing Solitaire can help you develop skills associated with critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making. These are all vital skills that will be helpful in both school and work settings.

9. Helps reduce stress

There is no doubt that Solitaire games are fun to play, but they also provide the player an opportunity to relax. Playing Solitaire can help relieve boredom, anxiety, and stress.

10. Develops a sense of competitiveness

Since Solitaire is played against oneself, there is a sense of accomplishment with every completed game.

The best part about Solitaire is that one can play it against players worldwide! This adds an element of competitiveness to the game, allowing you to see if your skills are good enough to compete in real-time matches with other players.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solitaire

The following are some frequently asked questions about Solitaire.

How do I get my old Solitaire game back?

If you accidentally deleted a Solitaire game or no longer appear in your Start menu, you can always download the old version back from the Internet.

How can I download Solitaire for free?

You can check out the download section on the Solitare Lodge website and play Solitaire free games. Our website allows you to play Solitaire online for free.

Is there a free Solitare game?

Yes, our website offers free online Solitaire.

Is Solitaire easy to learn?

Yes, Solitaire is a simple, free and easy game to learn. Solitaire is designed to allow you to play alone for unlimited time. This means that you do not have to share the computer or wait until it becomes available again, unlike other forms of entertainment such as watching movies which can be very expensive.

How can I play Solitaire on my phone?

Visit Solitaire Lodge on your phone; our website is mobile-friendly. Allowing one to play from anywhere, anytime.

Can you play Solitaire without downloading?

Yes, you can; our website offers Free Solitaire online where one can play from anywhere, anytime.

What are all the versions of Solitaire?

As mentioned earlier, there are many Solitaire games available in different variations. The following are some variations of Solitaire: Klondike, Double Klondike, Yukon, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks.

Which solitaire game is best?

The answer depends on the player; each variation is suitable for different players.

Can you win a solitaire game?

Yes, if you understand the rules and play according to them, you will have a chance of winning Solitaire games. The main objective of playing Solitaire games is to clear all cards from the table from Ace to King in ascending order.

Final Word

Solitaire has been an old and popular game that has only become more widely played over the years. It is now possible to get Solitaire online free with its new versions and variations. This means that you can enjoy your time playing this free game without having to worry about downloading the required files.

Solitaire Lodge has created this website to offer all Solitaire lovers across the world an online platform where they can play their favorite game. We have a collection of Solitaire games that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere, without any hassle. The games are simple and easy to play, making it possible for players of different ages and skills to enjoy.