Double Solitaire

About Double solitaire

The double solitaire card game is a version of a solitaire card game that can be played by two players with two standard 52-card decks. It is one of the easiest versions of solitaire card games and can be played either physically with the cards or on some game website online.

Double Solitaire

Double solitaire is also called double klondike because the gameplay is the same as that of klondike just that the number of card decks used for the gameplay is different.

Even though this game is classified as a dual-player, it can also be enjoyed while playing alone or when the players are more than two. All these will be explained as we further in this article, play a double solitaire card game for fun and brain-tasking moments with friends and families.


This game uses two standard card decks which are dealt into four piles, these piles will be explained extensively as we go on.

Twenty-eight cards are dealt to the tableau and are arranged into seven columns, each column has one card facing up with the rest facing down, the format goes like this: the first column has a card facing up, the second column has two cards with one facing up ….etc, so the last column will have seven cards with one card facing up and the other six cards are dealt facing down, each player has their tableau, normally players play against computer online.

The remaining cards after building up the tableau are dealt to the stock facing down, then an empty column is created beside the stick which is called waste, each player has their stock and waste too.

Then we leave eight empty columns for the foundation, four for each player. When all these have been put in place the game can start fully.


There are four piles in double solitaire that are used for the gameplay, they will be explained in detail below:

The Tableau Pile

Twenty-eight cards are dealt into each player’s tableau pile, the cards are shuffled and dealt into seven piles and they are arranged overlapping each other, while playing the game the tableau is built down in alternating colors and descending order.

The layout of the tableau is that the cards increase by one card each from column to column, so if the first column has one card, the second pile will have two cards and this goes on till the seventh column and also each column has one face-up card the rest are dealt facing down.

The top card on the tableau are available for playing, and can also be moved from one tableau column to another if their colors are alternating and they are in descending order to the card they will be moved onto, a group of cards can also be moved if the first card of the stack that is being moved has a different color and is one rank lower to the card it will be placed on.

The opponent moves their cards at the same time when playing so they have the same number of moves so the game can be free and fair.

The Foundation Pile

The foundation has eight empty columns from the start of the game which are being filled up as the game proceeds. Each player builds up their column by moving cards from the tableau and arranging them in the same suit and in ascending order for example from ace to king.

Cards can be moved from the foundation back to the tableau if they are needed and can still be moved back there. This pile determines your wins in the double solitaire game as all cards from the tableau as to be arranged here.

The Stock Pile

The stockpile has just one column, the remaining cards from the deck after building the tableau are dealt here facing down. The cards are used during the gameplay when the cards on the tableau are almost exhausted or when there is no match for the cards you have, then you can resort to the stockpile.

It is advisable to have moved the majority of the cards from the tableau before going to that of the stock. Each player has their stockpile.

The Waste Pile/Discard

This is the last pile in the double solitaire game, it has one column and it is always empty while building up the game, it is also called the discard pile.

Cards that are not moved to the tableau or foundation after being exposed while dealing from the stockpile are automatically moved to the waste pile, so cards are being placed here temporarily till they are matched with a card on the tableau. The cards can be moved to the tableau and also the foundations.


As we have discussed the piles and the card layout of the game above, we will be discussing the main objectives of double solitaire in this section of the article.

The main aim is to move all the cards to the foundation piles.

The major objective of the game is for each player to arrange their respective foundation pile in the same suit and ascending order which means all the columns of the foundation piles have to start with the ace and the last card should be the king. Also, all the face-up cards on the tableau should be exposed during the play of the game.

This objective should always be in the mind of the two players since this is the main aim of the game, this can be achieved in ways that would be more understandable as we further.

The piles and card deck are an important part of the game which has to be in place before starting the game to be able to achieve the objectives of the game. So while playing the game the players should focus mostly on how to build up their column in the same suit and descending order in the foundation pile.


How to Play Double Solitaire

The gameplay for double solitaire is the same as klondike solitaire just that double is a two-player card game and uses two decks of cards which means 52 cards for each opponent.

Playing a double solitaire card game should be easy if the gameplay is well understood by the players. This two-deck card game is played by two players at the same time.

The game starts by setting up the layout of the game by dealing with the cards and arranging the tableau, stock, foundation, and waste piles, then the two players select their tableau and start playing.

The players start by moving the cards from the tableau onto the foundation piles, the cards to be moved have to be of the same suit and in ascending order taking this format ( suit of diamonds takes a column, and the same goes for the three other suits too(club, spade, and hearts)each column will be in this form, from ace,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, jack, queen and king which will be the top card on the foundation.

The cards from the stock or waste can also be moved to the tableau or the foundations cause these cards will complete the deck on the foundation piles, but it is advisable to try to move all the tableau cards first before going to the stock.

While playing double solitaire, try to expose the face-down cards as soon as you can to make the game much easier, cards on the tableau can also be moved onto one another if they are of alternating colors and a rank lower because the tableau is built in descending order. Only the exposed cards are available to play, and only kings can start an empty tableau column.


Solitaire card games usually take follow the same form of play but most of them are single players (played by one person). To play double solitaire easy and have fun while playing, follow the rules and moves that will be listed below:

Focus on moving the cards to the foundation piles in the same suit and ascending order(from aces to kings).

The tableau piles should be built down in descending order and alternating color, so you place a 5 red card of spades onto a 6 black card of diamonds.

The foundation piles start with aces.

The empty column on the tableau can only be filled with kings.

Move cards from the stock onto cards on the foundation piles.

Cards from the waste/discard can also be moved to the tableau and the foundation piles.

Move cards to the foundation, one at a time.

Undo the game as many times as possible.

Move cards from the stock when you are stuck or out of cards.

Expose the face-down cards as soon as you can.

Only the top card on the tableau pile is available for play.

Undo the moves as many times as you want.

Cards cannot be moved back to the stock.


To win a double solitaire card game, just follow the rules and study the game layout well before the start of the game. The game ends when all the cards have been successfully arranged in the foundation piles in the same suit and in ascending order.

The winner is the player that finishes building their foundation piles first, and the player that still has cards on their game table at the end of the game is the loser.

This game is a very competitive version of solitaire games since it is a two-player game, so the opponent has the same chance of winning.

Even while playing on a mobile phone in which the opponent is always the computer, the winner would still be decided.

Play double solitaire to have fun and increase your thinking ability in your leisure time.


Double solitaire can also be played by one person but the card layout and piles settings will be different, the two decks will be dealt onto the tableau and stock, but it will just be one since it’s a single-player format.

The two decks of cards are dealt into nine piles on the tableau with one face-up card on each column. The rest of the cards are also placed in the stockpile that is used during the gameplay to complete the suits on the foundation pile.

The winner is unopposed here since it is just one player and there is no opponent, so winning the game is decided by completing the foundation by arranging all the columns in suit(ace to king)