Golf Solitaire

Golf solitaire is also one of the easiest versions of solitaire games. It is a combination of golf and solitaire into one game and this has formed an interesting version of the solitaire card game. Golf solitaire is a classic card game that was invented way back in the 1700s.

It is played with a 52-card deck dealt into seven columns, this game can be played online on your mobile device or the computer system, and can also be played physically with the cards excluding the jokers.

There are various types of solitaire games and they can be played for fun or to compete among friends, you can also play on your mobile device all alone, it can be used as a form of sport or to exercise the brain.

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The main objective of the golf solitaire is to move all the cards from the tableau to the stock pile. While playing this card game, try to understand the layout and play the game meticulously. Follow the rules and moves of the game to win the game easily.

The game has two modes which are the easy mode and hard mode, which determines the toughness of the game. The cards to be moved to the waste pile has to be higher or lower in number than the number on the card at the top of the waste pile.


There are three piles in this card game, they will be explained in detail below.

The Tableau

The tableau has seven piles, five cards are dealt in each pile facing up, while playing the game, all the cards from the tableau are to be moved to the waste pile.


The waste pile is empty from the start of the game, as the game starts, cards from the stock and tableau will be moved there gradually until all the cards have been cleared successfully which determines winning the game.


Stock in golf solitaire is beside the pile, the extra cards after building the tableau are being moved here. The cards can be used during the gameplay, the cards in this pile are dealt facing up.


This single-player game is played with a 52-card deck excluding the jokers, which are dealt face-up into seven piles on the tableau with each pile having five cards. When the tableau is completed, all the leftover cards are moved to the stockpile with their face down. The stockpile is right below the tableau, an empty pile is created beside the stock pile, which is called the waste pile.


To start playing golf solitaire, you need to understand the tactics of the game, the gameplay is quite easy if you follow the rules.

Start by studying the layout of the game, play a card from the available cards at the base of the tableau, then the next card to be played has to be lower or higher than the card in the waste pile, for example, if the last card you moved to the waste pile is 5, then the next card to be played can be 4 or 6, you can undo the game if you are not sure about a particular move you made.


There are certain rules and moves while learning how to play golf solitaire, we will explain them in detail below:

  • Move cards that are available for play on the tableau to the waste.
  • You can only move cards that are higher or lower to the last card in the waste.
  • When you are stuck on the tableau, you can move cards from the stockpile.
  • You can only go through the stockpile once, after that you can not reset it.
  • King can be followed by queen, then jack after the queen.
  • Move cards from the tableau until there are no more cards to play.
  • In some versions of this golf, you can play aces on the king, a queen on a king.
  • If you have fewer cards playing the game, it increases your chances of winning.


To win this game, you just have to follow the settings (rules and moves) patiently, study your tableau, and move your cards to the waste as fast as possible.

On some game websites, there are recorded scores of players, so to be among the top scorers, be fast and calculative when moving the cards, and undo the game to be sure of your moves.

Golf solitaire is not a hard game, is a simple and classic solitaire card game that can be won easily if the rules are followed.