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Do you know want to learn how to play Spider solitaire or want to learn other ways to play spider solitaire games? In this guide, I will explain the basic Spider solitaire rules, the terms used, among other things.

What is Spider Solitaire?

Spider Solitaire was born as an alternative to the classic solitaire game. And has become one of the most popular variants of this game; If played online, you can play without any registration. 

Spider Solitaire is a version of the classic solitaire game, and the object of this game is to order the suits in descending order with the fewest moves. The fewer moves you use, the more points you accumulate.

There are 3 levels of difficulty depending on the number of clubs you play with. The difficulty increases as the number of suits and mallets are greater. The simplest is with spider one suit, two suits are of intermediate difficulty, and the one with four suits is the most difficult. So if you are a beginner, you should start playing with the simplest, which is done with a French or English deck of 52 cards and without jokers.

The first difference that you find is that it is played with two decks and not with one, that is, with 54 cards. The distribution of the game is made in 10 columns, in which you find 6 cards in the first five columns. And 5 cards in the other 5 columns. The last card of each column will remain with the face visible to the player. The objective will be to be able to build eight stairs of the same suit (suit) descending.

Cards can be moved even if they are not of the same suit to form the ladders. But the object is to make them of the same suit so that the ladder disappears from the board. A K cannot be placed on an Ace. And if there is an empty space, any card can be placed.

Game dictionary

It is recommended that you know the terminology used in the game. This way, it will be easier for you to understand the Spider Solitaire rules and perform well. Here are the terms used in Spider Solitaire:

Deck: It is the set of cards that make up the entire deck; in the case of Spider solitaire, it contains 52.

Board: This is the area where the game is mostly played. And it is divided into 8 or 10 columns, which are the parts where the cards are placed.

Pile: These are the places where the gathered sticks are placed. They are useful to keep track of the development of the game.

Suit: It is the set of cards represented by the same figure.

Card value

The English deck with which Spider solitaire is played has four suits of 13 cards each and 9 number cards. They

correspond to the following cards in descending order, from most to least valuable:

  • K (King). It has a value of 13. Because it is the highest-ranked, it cannot be placed on another card. But it is used to fill empty columns. The importance of the kings is that they serve to fill spaces.
  • Q (Queen). Okay, 12.
  • J (Jack). It has a value of 11.
  • Number cards. They have the same value that the card reflects from 1 to 10.
  • The Ace is a card that represents number 1 in the deck. It is the card with the lowest rank, and no other card can be placed on top of it.

The rules of the Spider Solitaire Game

In order to understand the basic game tactics and principles, you must consider the following rules.

Spider Solitaire Rules

There are ten stacks of cards in front of you on the playing field. In each, only the last one lies face down to you (all the rest are face down). The task is to lay out in each pile cards decreasing in rank from the King to the Ace (the Ace is the youngest, it is placed on a deuce; the King is the highest).

Only a card of a lower rank can be placed on the topmost card in the pile. Any card can be placed in an empty pile. A sequential queue of cards by rank can be moved all at once.

The cards in the deal deck are used to scatter new cards into the piles at any given time. You should also take into account the things that you cannot do, as well as those that you are allowed to do and correspond to the following:

What you can do

  • Move a card to another column as long as it is lower than the one to be covered.
  • Move and accommodate cards when they are of the same suit.
  • Place any card on the empty columns.
  • Distribute cards from the deck located at the bottom right.

What you can’t do

  • Placing a card on top of an Ace since you will not be able to move cards.
  • Place the King on top of another card since you can block the layout to more cards.

 How to play Spider solitaire: step by step

To play Spider Solitaire you must follow these steps:

To start

Cards will be dealt, a total of 44 faces down.

The cards are distributed in columns; 5 will be placed in the first 4 columns, and in the other 6 columns; 4 cards will be placed in each one.

After the hole cards are dealt, the 10 face-up cards will be dealt face up.

The remaining cards are placed aside in a pile.

To play

Now start moving the cards to arrange them by suit in the columns.

Every column you accommodate keeping a descending sequence from King to Ace will be eliminated.

By removing columns, you will free up space on the board, and you will be able to open more cards to continue removing columns.

Finish the game when

You will win the game when you manage to eliminate 8 columns

in descending order, keeping the same suit in each column.

Strategies to Win Spider Solitaire

To have higher chances of winning the game, you can learn some strategies, among the main ones are:

  • Play the stacks with the highest number of cards first.
  • Do not expose rows of cards if you do not have a King; you risk blocking columns.
  • Take colors into account when selecting a King, Queen, or Jack to fill empty spots.
  • Always start by revealing your hole card on the first move.
  • Don’t move cards just to make stacks, as you can block valuable cards.
  • Make moves to reveal hidden cards.

Instructions for playing Spider Solitaire

Solitaire Objective: The objective of this game will be for you to remove all the cards from the table (screen) with the least number of moves possible. You must build straights of the same suit (suit) and do it descending from The K to the Ace.

The cards: this game, unlike the classic solitaire, is played with 2 decks. And depending on the difficulty you want, these can be with one, two, or four different suits. It is selected when you open the game.

Columns: The cards will be arranged in 10 columns. The top card of each column will be open (you can see which card it is), and the rest of the cards will face down. The rest of the deck will be found in the bottom right corner of the screen.

The game: you must remove all the cards that are on the board; for that, you must build some columns of cards descending, that is, from the K above to the Ace below. Once you manage to create an entire column in this way, it will disappear from the board. If you run out of moves, go to the rest of the deck that was left in the lower right part of the screen. The game will give you some new cards. You don’t have to move one card at a time when there is more than one organized with the same suit. You can move the entire stack.

The score: when you start the game, you start with 500 points, which are subtracted for each move you make. Then the score increases the subtotal by 100 times the number of stairs you manage to make and remove from the screen.

Helps: you can go to CTRL Z to be able to undo the moves. But they will be counted as moves. You can also go to the letter H, as help that Windows gives you when you think you don’t have a game.

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Summary of Spider Solitaire Game

Hope you enjoyed this article about the spider solitaire game, learned how to play spider solitaire games and much more.

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