Accordion Solitaire

Accordion Solitaire

Accordion is a version of a solitaire card game played with a single card deck that consists of 52 game cards. The game was firstly discovered in 1883 by Williams Brisbane, it is a game of patience that is played by just one player at a time.

Accordion is categorized among the hardest versions of solitaire card games, the name was derived from how the game table is being arranged. It is a game of luck that can be played to have fun among friends and family. It is also called the tower of babel or the idle year.

Game Setup

The game uses 52 game cards which are dealt left to right all facing up on the tableau, the cards are dealt randomly after shuffling to make the game fair to all players. Some players might decide not to deal with all the cards at once since it takes so much place in the tableau.

Objectives Of Accordion Solitaire

The main aim of the accordion solitaire is to stack all the cards back into a pile in a suit and the same ranks. There are different strategies used in playing this game because of its complexity, it is called a game of patience for this reason. So while playing the game, the players should focus on how to stack up the cards into one pile.

Piles In Accordion solitaire

In accordion solitaire, there is just one pile used during the gameplay:

The Tableau Pile

The tableau takes almost all the space on the game table since all the cards are dealt at once before the start of the game. The 52 cards dealt are arranged into the tableau, they can be moved from one tableau pile to another row to another which makes the top cards available for move or play. Cards can be moved from one pile to another if they are to the left or three piles to the left and they have to be of the same suit or rank.

How To Play Accordion Solitaire

There are rules and move to follow while playing this solitaire card game. The layout has to be put in place before the game can start, then the player can start to stack up the cards into a pile which is the main aim of the game. Cards can be moved into different piles on the tableau if they are of the same suit or rank. The focus should be on how to move all 52 cards back into a pile.

Rules And Moves Of Accordion Solitaire

While playing this game, there are some rules and moves to make the game easier:

  • Move all the cards onto one pile.
  • Undo the game as many times as you want.
  • Move one card at a time.
  • Only the top cards are available for play on the piles.
  • Cards of the suit or rank can be moved onto one another on the tableau.

Winning Accordion Solitaire

The accordion can be easy to play but hard to win, the winning percentage of this game is one out of a hundred games. Winning is determined when all the cards have been successfully moved onto one pile or the player has fewer or five piles.

The strategy used is winning this game is to place four cards near the end of the tableau and make sure not to place any cards onto them till the end of the game. Play this game and some other solitaire games in your free time even though winning it might be difficult but this doesn’t stop you from having fun.