Baker’s dozen solitaire

Baker’s dozen solitaire is a version of a solitaire card game that is played with a 52-card deck, it is a single-player game that is fun to play and understand. The game is named after 13 piles which is the number of piles in the tableau of this game.

Baker’s dozen is easy to play and win but it requires patience and skills to become a pro at this game. To try out baker’s dozen solitaire, you have to understand this game’s rules and moves, which requires a lot of focus. We will be explaining the strategies of this game in detail below.


The game is played with a 52-card deck which is dealt into 13 columns. These columns are the tableau piles, the cards are dealt all facing up, and the dealer majorly deals seven piles above and six piles below. The cards are arranged to overlap each other which makes all the cards visible from the start of the game.

Each tableau pile has 4 cards each dealt to it, the cards are dealt evenly regardless of suit. After building the tableau, you leave 4 empty columns for the foundation pile. Try to move all the kings to the bottom of the pile so it won’t block the gameplay.


This game has two main piles: the tableau and the foundations:

The Foundation

In this pile, there are four empty columns in the foundation, they are left empty because the cards in the tableau are moved there during the gameplay. The players do not deal any cards to the foundations when setting up the game.

The Tableau

The tableau pile has 13 columns which is what the game is named after “baker’s dozen”. The columns are to be built with cards overlapping each other. The cards on the tableau are to be moved to the foundation in the same suit and in ascending order, the baker’s dozen tableau column cannot be filled up after being emptied.

The king’s cards are being moved to the bottom of their respective piles before the start of the game. Deal card to the tableau but not the foundation at the start of the game.


The play of this game is easy but brain-tasking, you have to be focused and patient while playing the game, and build the tableau and foundations before you start playing the game.

Start by moving your cards from the tableau to the foundation, cards of the same suits will be in the same pile, they are to be arranged in ascending order i.e from ace to king. You can move cards around on the tableau but it has to be of a higher rank than the card your a placing it onto, for example, move a 5 spade card onto a 6 hearts card, they can be moved onto each other regardless of suit.

Kings should be moved to the bottom of the column to avoid them blocking gameplay because they are to be placed last on the foundation.


There are rules and moves to follow to make the play of this card game easier for the players:

Move cards from the tableau to the foundation and arrange them putting in mind their ranks and their respective suits.

Build the columns down regardless of suit, but while arranging the tableau, you have to mind the suits of the cards.

Arrange the suits from ace to king.

Move one card at a time onto a card of higher rank.

Leave the foundation empty while building the game.

Aces are the start of every foundation.

Move aces from the tableau to the foundation as soon as you see them.

Build the tableau and foundation before you start the game.

The empty tableau is to be left free till the end of the game.

Deal all the cards facing up from the start of the game which makes all the cards visible from the beginning.


Winning this version of the solitaire game is majorly based on smartest and luck.

Try to move your aces to their respective suits in the foundation when you see them. Study the tableau from the start of the game to know the placement of the cards. Free your tableau as soon as you can because an empty tableau means you have won the game.

Baker’s dozen solitaire is easy to win but not all baker’s dozen games can be won. Play this game in your leisure time to have fun and enhance your thinking ability. Baker’s dozen is a version of solitaire that is easy to play and understand, even if some games are easy to win, some games are hard to win and navigate through.