Canfield Solitaire

Canfield Solitaire is a version of the solitaire card games that uses a 52-card deck for the gameplay, the layout and gameplay is different from what you know about most solitaire games. It was speculated that this was named after RICHARD CANFIELD who invented the game in the 1980s.


Canfield solitaire is a tricky card game it winning depends on luck and how much you understand the rules of the game. This game is also known as venom solitaire and as the name implies it gets harder as you play if you are not careful of your moves. Even though it can be listed among the most difficult card games, it’s still enjoyable while play it.

Play a canfield solitaire card game today and you will find yourself starting a new game after the first. This solitaire game can be played online and for free.


The card arrangement is the first thing to be put in place before the start of any game. The 52-card deck is arranged into five piles on the game table, the functions of these piles will be explained as we furthermore.

Four cards are dealt in four columns on the tableau, one card in each column, and all must be dealt facing up. the tableau is placed in the middle of the game table, then four empty columns are created for the foundation which is placed slightly above the tableau pile, a card is placed in one of the columns as the holder which determines the card number that will be played first into the other three columns. for example, if the holder is card number six, then the starting cards for the other columns will also be six cards of each suit.

A column is placed right beside the tableau in which thirteen cards are dealt with the last one facing up, this is called the reserve pile, the rest of the cards are placed in the stockpile facing down which is by the upper right of the reserve and by the left side of the stock is the waste which is always empty by the start of the game, it has just one column same for the stock.


The main goal of a canfield solitaire game is to move all cards into the foundation pile. The cards are moved into the foundations one after the other either from the tableau, waste, stock or the reserve pile. The cards are arranged in the same suit and in ascending order, the card to be placed on the holder in the foundation’s column has to be a rank higher and of the same suit.


We already know how to share and arrange the 52 cards into the five piles of canfield, so here we would be explaining the work and functions of these piles.

The Tableau Pile

The pile has four columns with four cards in each all dealt facing up, the cards are arranged randomly so that the game can be fair. The cards on the tableau are moved to the tableau gradually during the gameplay.

This pile is built down in descending order and alternating colors while playing, and as soon as a column becomes empty, cards from the reserve pile are moved there to fill it. The rank wrapping function for canfield allows a king to be played onto an ace of different colors.

The Foundation Pile

This pile has four empty columns from the start of the game but a holder is placed into a column which determines the card that will be played first into the other three columns, each column represents a suit of cards either(club, spade, heart, and diamond). The foundation’s column is being filled up as soon as the games start. The cards here can be moved back to the tableau if you are not sure of your move. This game allows rank wrapping which means an ace to be placed on the king of the same suit. Cards can also be moved from one tableau column to another if the card to be moved is of alternating color and a rank lower than the card it is being played onto. A Group of cards can also be moved if the card that begins the stack has an alternating color and it is a rank lower than the last card on the column it’s being moved to.

The Stock Pile

The remaining cards from the 52-card deck after the tableau and the reserve have filled are being moved here facing down, and they are exposed while playing when they are being flipped to the waste pile to make them visible. Stock as the name implies is where you can go when you are out of moves or stuck.

The stock can be moved to the tableau and foundations but they cannot be moved back to the stockpile.

The Waste Pile

This pile is always empty while setting up the layout of the game, but cards are flipped here from the waste to expose them and make them available for play. Three cards are drawn at once from the stock and just the top card can be played first.

The Reserve Pile

This pile has 13 cards dealt to it, they are used when any of the tableau columns becomes empty. They cannot be drawn to be played onto a card on the tableau.


The gameplay of canfield solitaire is slightly different from most solitaire games. It is easy to play if the player is focused and patient.

Since the main goal of the game is to move all cards into the foundations, then the gameplay would be to find ways to move all the cards from all the piles. This way all the 52 cards will be arranged back into the foundations.

To start the game, the card deck has to be arranged into five piles, then begin to move the cards into their suit column on the foundations. You can draw a card from the waste when you are out of moves. Card from the reserve can be used to fill an empty column on the tableau pile. Do this continuously to complete the foundation.


There are rules and moves to follow to make this game an easy and fun one to play.

  • Move cards to the foundation in the same suit and a rank higher.
  • The foundation columns start with the same card as the card that was placed as the holder.
  • A card from the reserve can be used to fill only empty columns on the tableau.
  • Draw cards from the waste to fill up the tableau piles.
  • Play a king onto an ace of different colors on the tableau piles.
  • Only the top card on the reserve is available to be drawn.
  • A card can be moved from one pile to another.
  • Undo your moves as many times as you can.
  • Players can go through the stock as many times as possible.
  • The stock cards become visible only when they are flipped to the waste.

Winning Canfield Solitaire

To win this game is easy if you follow the rules and you are patient while playing it. Winning is decided when you have successfully moved all the cards from all the five piles onto the foundations as this is the main objective of canfield solitaire. There are several versions of solitaire games but canfield is one of the easy versions. It can be played online and physically with the gamecard.

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