Aces Up Solitaire

Aces up solitaire is a version of solitaire played with a 52-card deck. It is one of the solitaire games that has the least piles and uses little space on the game table. Aces up can be categorized among the hard versions of solitaire games.

Aces up Solitaire

The card game was first known in the 1980s when it was launched in England by Mary Whitmore Jones. It has evolved since then and also has been improved and updated. Aces up is a game of luck because the majority of the cards are dealt facing down.

The solitaire card game is a single-player that can be enjoyed while playing online or physically with the game cards.

Game Setup

There are some settings to be followed while building up the game table. Four cards are dealt into four tableau piles all facing up, and the rest of the cards are moved to the stockpile which is placed right beside the tableau. An empty pile is created for the foundations under the stockpile. All these have to be put in place before starting the game.

Piles In Aces Up Solitaire

Aces solitaire has just three piles, each of these piles has there own uses which would be explained below:

The Tableau Pile

The tableau has four piles with four cards dealt into each pile, the cards are shuffled and placed face up on the tableau. The cards are discarded gradually into the foundations during the gameplay, any card can be used to fill up empty piles on the tableau. All the cards are to be moved to the foundation except the four aces card.

The Stock Pile

The leftover cards are being moved here all placed facing down, they are used to build up the tableau when there are no more cards to move to the foundation. The player just needs to click on the stock then four cards will be moved to the tableau automatically. Cards can be moved back to the stockpile using the unco button when you are not sure of your moves

The Foundation Pile

This pile is always empty while the settings of the game are going on, cards are moved there in the higher rank, and the same suit from the tableau. Aces up solitaire foundations pile is a bit different from most solitaire card games because it is built up differently.

Objectives Of Aces Up Solitaire

The main aim of this game is to discard all the cards from the tableau and stockpile them into the foundation leaving just the four aces card on the tableau. This can be done by following the rules and moves of the game.

How To Play Aces Up Solitaire

To play aces up solitaire might be a bit hard as a beginner, but as you play more games of aces up, you become used to the complexity.

Move all the cards from the tableau keeping in mind that the card to be moved has to be one of the highest ranks of cards of the same suit that is on the tableau. The ranking goes this way: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, jack, queen, and ace card.

Rules And Moves Of Aces Up Solitaire

  • Move all the cards to the foundation pile except the four aces.
  • Click on the stock to add cards to fill up the tableau pile.
  • Ensure the card you are moving from the tableau is the highest rank of the particular suit of the card you are about to move.
  • Undo the game as many times as you want.
  • This game needs a lot of patience while playing it.
  • The ace card has the highest rank.
  • Play a new game when you get stuck or lose while playing aces up.
  • Ensure you deal with the cards randomly while building the piles.
  • The top cards on the tableau are available for play.

Winning Aces Up Solitaire

To win this solitaire game might be a bit hard and complicated but with patience, you can win the game even though winning is very rare in aces-up solitaire. Free up the tableau and the stock leaving the four ace cards on the tableau to win this game. When there are no more cards that can be discarded on the tableau and the stock has also been exhausted, you lose the game.

Have fun and enhance your thinking ability when you play this game.